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  • Jerry Hoekman

First Merino Story

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Being this my first Merino Story I welcome you to my website.

I design my felt, knitting, and sewing vests to supply ladies around my age.

What are our needs?

The market does not provide us with enough choices to satisfy our needs.

I like to wear long and sleeveless vests. (Cannot stand the sight of fleecy vests).

We need clothes that provide for the changes in the body after motherhood and after we retire when we tend to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle.

My garments are designed with those facts in mind.

The vests are of a light weight and can be worn anytime.

Australian weather requires wearing light clothing, not blanket type fabrics.

That being the main reason I use fine tissue silk and over it a very thin layer of wool.

My vests will keep you warm while not suffocating you and will keep the edge of the cold away.

I work in a variety of tones going from bright colours that will turn heads to pastels and neutrals that will match well with other pieces in your wardbrobe.

I invite you to view the photos I have in this website and the garments available for sale in my Etsy shop.

For a large gallery of photos please view Merino Dreaming Facebook page photos.

Prices are very reasonable when you consider the amount of work that goes into the production of each garment.

Keep an eye on my Merino Stories where I will be posting about the stages of the ultrafine merino wool work (after shearing) until it becomes a vest or a scarf or other. All work done by me.

From fleece to garment in-house

Carmen Tyrer

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