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How things happen

After a long time…… here again!

As an artist, a creator, I cannot just stick to one artistic medium. This multifaceted creative passion must surely be as a consequence of having also a very eventful life.

I have decided to use this website to include all my creations like paintings, ceramic sculpture, felting, cold porcelain West Australian Flora, yarns which I spin with a variety of fibres that I also dye. I have also started a Christmas decorations adventure that will only take place close to Christmas time Hopefully yearly. some ten years ago I developed a paste that can be used to paint with texture, and it can be exposed to rain and the outdoors. Apart from creating sleeveless jackets with felt I am also sewing the same style vests with fabric which I recycle, they will soon be introduced for your appreciation.

To start giving some life to this website I will firstly try to encompass my range of creation in the front of the website presentation If it is at all possible.

I will be writing my Merino Stories where I will include a photo of a work and tell the story of this particular piece, the reasons why I chose to do it, and insights of the creative process.

When I start having an idea for a possible art work I decide on a few parameters and start working and it evolves as it progresses.

Most of the times I am not fully aware why I am doing this particular piece.

But as always happens, when it is finished I can see what is behind my choosing of the subject. I, then start connecting threads and finding those details that link this piece to a part of my life or to a certain situation that I feel related to.

It seems to me that my unconscious being is very much involved in those decisions, even though the conscious me has not yet come to realise what are the reasons behind until it is completed.

I cannot say this can be applied to a skein of yarn that I have spun, but the choice of colours and textures usually have something to do with personal tastes.

How can this be? If you make something with the idea of selling it you try to follow patterns and colours that will be appealing to a large community of possible clients. In this case I will ignore my preferences and favour those of the majority, I am then in a world pleasing mode where I have ignored my personal choices.

If I create just to please myself , which is almost 100 percent of the time I go ahead and only follow my preferences and usually the resulting pieces are quite unique. Some years ago I put myself aside and felted a shawl in apricot and another in a beige and light brown shades.

I hated them!

They were done in those most preferred colours that would be a complement to a large variety of outfits.

Then, when I work in those colours that ”sing” to me and I freely express my creativity with full freedom it’s when I get the biggest emotional and artistic gratification.

This Is the end to the second Merino Story for now, August 2022

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